Odoo Timesheet Module

Odoo offers several modules that are utilized by the organization in monitoring and managing employees' time. The odoo project module helps users in managing their projects effectively. The odoo project module makes the project scheduling and allocations activities within the project. With only a few clicks users can create projects, add tasks, and prioritize the task and projects. The timesheet module is an add-on to the project module that enables the users to monitor their employee's time spent on different tasks.

The timesheet gives an overview of the employee's time spent on assigned tasks within a specified period. The data table is created by using tasks, programs, staff members, and customers. For recording timesheets, users can use different types of tools, also including paper-based documents, time tracking software, and spreadsheet software. Many peoples moved towards digital formats for enhancing usability, connectivity, and processing of timesheet data for a different purpose.

How Timesheet is beneficial for organizations?

Employees' average billable time is between 60 to 80 percent of their working hours. Tracking billable time is very censorious for the customer-based industries as it enables the users to properly invoice their customers for every project. Organizations don't want any red flags in their customer relationships, and effective time entry helps them in avoiding that when charging their customers on project time. An employee's billable time is often the time spent completing the duties or projects that have been assigned to them. Billable time should preferably exclude administrative tasks and background work that do not directly benefit the customer. Timesheet data can also help in the payroll management process.

Timesheet has been demonstrated to be an effective time management tool that enables users to easily monitor, manage, and assign time. Time management and tracking of spending time are crucial for the companies especially when deadline and budget objectives are involved. Timesheets can be tremendously helpful as a dependable record that enables better planning.

Payroll Processing: Payroll errors can be reduced with the help of monitoring time spent by employees on working hours.

Task Management: Managers can identify which task takes the most time by keeping track of how much time is spent on different tasks. This makes prioritizing and allocating time to tasks much easy.

Customer Relationship:  The documents ensure that the customer's time and money are not wasted. The timesheets are proof of accurate billing throughout the time employee spend with customers, which helps to build trust in the business.

Searching and choosing the right software to run an organization will save users time by removing time-consuming and repetitive tasks and enhance the accuracy and speed of complex calculations. Odoo is a business management platform with a user interface that is both useful and easy, allowing it to assist organizations in making the move to the digital world with minimal effort.

Odoo Timesheet

In simple words, the odoo timesheets are a time tracker. This module is used a lot of time for various assignments created in the Odoo project module. While designing projects users must allow the time functionality. This allows the users to log time and monitor it on the project timesheet. Users must also enable billable to invoice customers for time and materials.

After enabling these options, select the customer of the project. 

Keeping Track on Timesheet

Users may add a new line to the Odoo timesheet to monitor and track the time spent on different tasks and projects.

Choose a project and a task, and then allocate each to a different employee. After entering the time spent on the task, the user can also save it.

Users can start a project or a task with the start button, and the time spent on that job or project will be recorded.

By navigating to timesheets>all timesheets, managers will be able to see all of their employees' timesheets. The manager will export all employees' timesheets as a spreadsheet using the pivot view or the list view.

Validate Timesheet

A manager can validate an employee's timesheet using the validate menu. Managers can validate all timesheets for all under-managed employees, or they can filter the employees and validate only the timesheets that he/she want.


Each employee's timesheet can be found under-reporting -> by the employee. A concise description of employee time is presented for the month, week, or any filter array.

Under-reporting -> by the project can be understood as timesheet reporting centered on projects.

A task-based timesheet keeps track of how long each project's various tasks take.

Timesheets by billing form would display how much time was spent on billable and non-billable tasks, as well as how much time was spent overall.

The manager can assess the entire timesheet, total attendance, and total differential from reporting > timesheet/attendance.


The Odoo Timesheet Module's key concepts and benefits have been examined. With the help of an ERP consultant, these functions can be coupled with various Enterprise Resource Planning Software for effective time management. The Odoo timesheet integrates effectively with accounting, payroll, school administration, and other ERP packages. The flexibility to work both online and offline is a major selling factor for this software.

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