Advanced Android Development


Advanced graphics and views

This unit covers how to create advanced graphics and custom views.

Lesson 1: Custom views

This lesson shows how to create a custom view that extends or replaces the functionality of views such as buttons and text fields. The custom view inherits the look and behavior of the parent view, and you can override the behavior or appearance attributes that you want to change.

Lesson 2: Canvas

Learn how to draw on a Canvas object, override the onDraw() method, and use clipping techniques to optimize drawing. In this lesson you create an app that uses a SurfaceView object to draw from a separate thread.

Lesson 3: Animations

This lesson explains how to create various types of animations in Android. You learn how to use property animations, group animations into sets, use interpolators, and experiment with physics-based animations.

Lesson 4: Playing video

This lesson teaches you how to play video in your app, show and use video controllers, and play media files that are embedded in your app or streamed from the internet.