Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM helps you organize your sales activities: track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts. Keep opportunities organized with the pipeline and manage your day-to-day activities with meetings and next activities.

Odoo CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management tool that has been adopted by a wide range of industries and companies worldwide.

It facilitates predictive lead scoring and assists businesses in effectively planning various operations.

Course Content:

  •  Odoo CRM
    • Creating Leads and Lead Management in Odoo
      • Creating leads from incoming emails
      • Creating leads from Website form
      • Generate lead through Visits to Leads feature
      • Generate lead through Lead Enrichment feature
      • Generate leads through Lead Mining feature
      • Outlook CRM Extension
      • Lead Scoring in CRM
    • Scheduling Activities to lead and Opportunities
    • Managing and Creating Activity in Odoo
    • Converting leads into Opportunities
    • Creating Sale order from CRM
    • Managing Rental Orders in Odoo CRM
    • Commision plan in Odoo CRM
    • Creating and editing stages in Odoo
    • Creating a Sales team and team overview
    • Creating Customers with Odoo CRM
    • Pipeline Management with Odoo CRM
    • Creating lost reasons in Odoo CRM
    • Creating Tags and Recurring plans with Odoo CRM                                                                
  • Marketing Automation
    • Creating Campaign in Odoo Marketing Automation module
    • Creating a parent activity and start to build a workflow in Odoo
    • Segment the database with filters in Odoo Marketing Automation                                               
  • Social Marketing
    • Managing social media pages and creating content with Odoo Social Marketing
    • Adding New Social Stream and Posts with Odoo Social Marketing
    • Creating Campaign with Odoo Social Marketing                                                                        
  • SMS Marketing
    • Build, Send and Get Reports from a SMS Mailing with Odoo SMS Marketing
    • Manage Contact list and blacklist with Odoo SMS Marketing