Odoo POS

With Odoo Point of Sale, run your shops or restaurants easily. The app runs on the browser, but is able to continue working even if you are offline.

Course Content:                                                                       

  • Point Of Sale (POS)
    • Retail Management in Odoo POS
    • Restaurant Management in Odoo POS
      • Floor and Table Management with Odoo PoS
      • PBill Splitting in Odoo PoS
      • Order Printer management with odoo PoS
    • Managing Orders in Odoo PoS
    • Managing PoS session with Odoo Point of Sale
    • Setting Payment methods in Odoo PoS
    • PoS Product categories and Product in Odoo PoS
    • Inventory Management with Odoo PoS
    • Cash control method in Odoo PoS
    • Pricelist and Fiscal position Management with Odoo PoS
    • Customer reward with Odoo PoSGlobal discount management with Odoo PoS
    • Global discount management with Odoo PoS