Odoo Website & E-Commerce

Run a modern open-source online store with Odoo eCommerce. Learn how to sell online, promote products and increase your average cart sizes.

Course Content:

  • Website & E-Commerce
    • Managing multiple Websites with Odoo Website module
    • Managing multiple language support on a website with Odoo
    • Setting and Managing website domain in Odoo
    • Managing pages and menu with Odoo website
    • Managing and setting Blogs and forums with Odoo website
    • Managing website visitors and views in Odoo website module
    • Customizing the website with Odoo
    • Website builders in Odoo
    • Managing the way to sort out products in Odoo E-Commerce
    • Generating lead form website in Odoo
    • Website form builder in Odoo Website module
    • Managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Odoo
    • Managing Accessories and Optional products with Odoo E-Commerce module
    • Managing Alternative products with Odoo E-Commerce
    • Selling digital content with Odoo
    • Managing the way to adapt prices to the website visitors with Odoo Ecommerce
    • Creating and sharing Promotional codes in Odoo
    • Managing product availability with Odoo E-Commerce module
    • Managing Unpaid orders with Odoo E-Commerce module
    • Managing Abandoned cart with Odoo
    • Setting Payment acquires with Odoo E-Commerce module
    • Listing Products based on E-Commerce Categories in Odoo